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Fresno Reservoir Fish Stocking Petition

Did you know:

  • Since 2012, FWP has stocked 171,687,678 walleye in the state of Montana.  That’s nearly 172 million!  Fresno Reservoir has received ZERO during that time frame.* 

  •  Every significant warm water fishery in the state has received at least one planting of walleye since 2012 except for Fresno.

  • For comparison, Nelson Reservoir has received 625,781 walleye since 2012.*


By supporting a better fishery at Fresno Reservoir, you’re supporting our local businesses, families and individuals within the community:

  • 344,770 fisherman spent $494 million while fishing in Montana.**

  • More Americans fish (23.8 million) than play golf and tennis combined (18.1 million)***

  • Anglers spend more on fishing gear and trips ($49.8 billion) than Americans spend on Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween combined ($45.4 billion)****


If you support stocking of fish in Fresno Reservoir, please fill out the petition below and let your voice be heard.





***   Outdoor Industry Association’s 2017 Outdoor Participation Report

**** National Retail Federation

Fresno Reservoir Fish Stocking Petition

We, the undersigned, in the best interest of our local businesses, families and individuals within our community, support the stocking of fish in the Fresno Reservoir.

Thank you for supporting this petition.

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